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Download and save maps from the Internet
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Download various map types, including street, satellite, terrain, hybrid, etc., from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and so on. View downloaded maps, combine them into a big map, and save as BMP, JPG, or TIF file. Convert degrees, minutes and seconds to degrees.

Downloading maps from any of the various map services available on the Web used to be a tedious operation that produced mixed results at best. With Universal Maps Downloader, you can now grab a copy of the requested map or a fragment of it with the exact same quality of the original image, and save it as a collection of tiles or as a combined BMP, JPEG, TIFF, or PNG file.

The program covers a long list of online map services, including all the most widely used – such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Yandex Maps, or MapQuest –in all its many variants. Thus, the drop-down menu that opens when clicking on the Maps Type label will show you a long list of options for Google Satellite Maps, Google Street Maps, or Google Terrain Maps (to name but the most popular service) regarding the tile size, the languages accepted, the labels you want it to include, etc.

All you need to know beforehand to download a map using this tool is the exact left/right longitude and top/bottom latitude values of the area in question in Digital Degrees format – i.e., 76.812973 for example. Note that you will need the four values to cover the area of the map you wish to download. Next, you have to select the map service, and then the zoom level (the trial version used for this review is limited to a 13 out of 20 zoom value. Once the program has analyzed the location, it will initialized the array and will tell you how many images (tiles) it needs to download to cover your request.

As mentioned, the program will download the maps as a set of tiles, whose number will depend on the size of the area selected. You can save these tiles as individual images or combine them into a single one in the file format of your choice, which will help you to share your maps with others and open them in any image viewer as a whole. Universal Maps Downloader comes with its own tool to combine these JPG tiles and also with a convenient map viewer and a BMP viewer to explore your downloaded maps. Finally, you can also export your maps a sqlite database for Rmaps, Locus Map, Oruxmaps, and Mbtiles.

Universal Maps Downloader is an excellent tool for experts and amateur map lovers alike. The output quality is excellent, and the versatile of both the input and the output options provided is simply stunning.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Connects to all well-known map services
  • Includes a map viewer
  • Combines the tiles into JPG, BMP, TIFF, and PNG images
  • Export tiles to sqlite databases


  • Trial version limits the zoom value
  • Requires you to know the four lat-long values for the area
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